Mirror Woman, performance, 2019

Mirrow Woman the performance was developed through an invitation by Coco Hunday, an artist run space in Tampa, Florida directed by artist Jason Lazarus. The hour long performance amplifies and inverts a slow, sometimes boring, and at the end suddenly charged arena of looking. Towards the end of the performance, Jason asked audience members to move closer. As I closed orifices of speech, the auditory, and finally vision, an unexpected exchange or profound sharing occurred. As I turned inward senses leapt and expanded, and for a brief and fleeting moment we could all see and hear each other, in silence in the Florida heat and humidity. The performance on October 19, 2019 was the last travel I took before the Covid-19 pandemic and later influenced the creation of Mirror Woman the photograph in March 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic lock down in the United States. I am grateful for experimental spaces such as Coco Hunday, an artist run space which supports projects in progress and also fosters a diverse artist community.

Video documentation 1 minute 13 seconds
Video editor: Amanda Miller