Prick! 2014

Prick! is an ongoing investigation between the artist’s body and the photographic frame as a stand-in for larger social and linguistic structures.  In this iteration, Prick! is performed with the presence of orator and artist D. Hill as well as chanting audience members. As the words, “Slice, Strike, Make an X, Prick!” are shouted, the artist’s body responds with slices and punctures into a large 8ft x 10ft, multi-colored paper structure.  The work is inspired by the paintings of Lucio Fontana, the photographs of Annegret Soltau, and Saburo Murakami’s 1955 Gutai performance, “Work (Six Holes).”  The post-performance sculptural remnants serve as a recording of the performative act of making a mark and puncturing through the screen or color field. Prick! has been performed at the Arizona State University Museum of Art, Ghebaly Gallery and the Pasadena Art Armory.