Press and Outline, 2014

In Press and Outline, Gina Osterloh presses into and outlines her own shadow projected onto a wall. Both odd as well as intimate – the physical body and its shadow simultaneously oppose and support each other, and at times are rendered indiscernible.  Press and Outline has been presented at museums and institutions including the ICP Museum (NY) for the exhibition Multiply, Identify, Her which included works by Geta Brătescu, Stephanie Dinkins, Christina Fernandez, Barbara Hammer, Roni Horn, Wangechi Mutu, Gina Osterloh, Sondra Perry, Lorna Simpson, and Mickalene Thomas. The exhibition was curated by Marina Chao. Other venues include Higher Pictures (NY), Ghebaly Gallery, Silverlens (Manila, Philippines), the Torrance Art Museum, the SF Arts Commission Gallery and Art Basel, HongKong with Silverlens.