Shadow Woman, 2018

In Shadow Woman, the body and its shadow oppose and support each other, at times indiscernible, underscoring the psychological split between illusion and reality, projection and physical presence. The performance investigates the tracing of the silhouette as an early form of photography and the desire to fix an image of self and other. Shadow Woman is the live performance of Gina Osterloh's 16mm film loop Press and Outline. The performance has been presented at The Broad Museum in Los Angeles, as part of the performance series En Cuatro Patas curated by Nao Bustamante and Xandra Ibarra.  Shadow Woman was first developed with generous support by art patrons R. Jeffries and S L DeMartino, through the invitation of curator Jill Dawsey and the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. (Special thanks to Xandra Ibarra, Ted Vadakan and The Broad Museum for documentation images.)